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Antique and vintage post cards


Travel the world with these unique compasses


Crystal one of a kind.


Furniture holds it's value thru time.

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What is Antiquing?

If you are a beginner to the world of art and antiques, the best way to get started is to go to museums, galleries, antique stores, homes that contain fine art and antiques, browse the web, and start making notes of what you like. Once you find something that piques your attention, seek more of it out to determine if you are finding an area of real interest. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The process of living with art and antiques can involve a lifetime of looking and learning.


Antiquing is immensely popular in some regions of the world. Antiques can be found at estate sales, auctions, garage sales, and various shops, some of which may specialize in antiques. Some areas are famous for their antiquing possibilities, like the American Northeast, where some people go on antiquing tours. Many people enjoy the thrill of the chase, as they pore through an assortment of goods to find beautiful or valuable antiques; some people actually make antiquing a profession, seeking out antiques which can be resold.


This website will give you a number of antique shops listed in counties across the Western North Carolina area. As it grows it will move to adjoining states. Basic listings will show only the name and number, enhanced customers will have the location directions and links to their websites.


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